Social Media, Meet Project AEGIS. Also, Doctrines.

Spent much of this weekend beginning to throw together a web presence for the game, starting with facebook and continuing to hunting for an open web domain and hosting site. As of right now, there is no Project AEGIS web page, but you can find our facebook here:

Progress on the “compendium”, a hybrid rulebook/design document for the game, has continued, and we’ve been doing some playtesting as well as adding in a new rule: Doctrines.

Doctrines are basically a way to tweak and customize your squad as a whole. Each squad may take a single doctrine, which can range from giving your entire squad Incendiary rounds to designating one squad member as a point man, guiding shots. The concept came up as I ran a playtest with secondary designer Mike Williams, who suggested the idea as a way to add depth to the game without compromising the balance of the no-points system or adding large numbers of confusing upgrades. We toyed around with the idea and then presented it to the Lead designer, and it looks like the idea has a 99% chance of making it in to the final rulebook.

Looking forward, we have a big challenge ahead of us. we have approximately four weeks to complete 12 models, develop a website and kickstarter, and put together an alpha rulebook. However, considering we’ve already come this far in the space of about a month, I’m confident we can pull it off.

Regards Everyone!

-Tom B-W


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