Project A.E.G.I.S. Development is deep underway, despite many technical setbacks. Breeze and I rattled back and forth more ideas this last wednesday, finally hammering out the storyline into something I can detail. Laptop troubles made rulebook progress slow, but there’s still progress being made, and my own work continues on developing the backstory and characters of the universe.

When it comes to developing universes, there’s no one easy approach. Breeze and I had decided to model each of the 5 factions off of one of the classes of Mechs – and then I decided to name each faction based on the class. From the (A)rmed Protectorate to the (S)ector Authority, each faction’s name begins with it’s favored Class of ‘Mech. This in turn influenced the development of the nations, since names and concepts influence how each nation interacts on a large scale. Since we were using the concept of MTG’s Color Wheel, I figured I’d apply that to the factions, having more intense relations with those factions adjacent to them on the wheel. Using that, Breeze and I theory’d up a map, figuring where each nation should be located.

The resulting history came out: Two of the factions, the Empire and Inquisitorial Dominion, existed at the beginning of the universe history. A small sequester of scientists out in an archipelago off the mainland developed orbital space travel, creating massive mining rigs that the two major factions then would have to work through them to use, solidifying their role as regulators (The Sector Authority). In the eternal standoff between the empire and the dominion, a section of the Empire rebelled, due to internal strife  caused by Dominion spies. The resulting new faction declared themselves independent (Great States). Recently, the Empire has begun expanding again, taking over dozens of small countries. A small faction remained, and this faction discovered the first AEGIS Mech units. This “Armed Protectorate” now fights a desperate war for survival against a giant empire beginning to fall apart from age.

That’s it for this week’s brief!

-Tom B-W


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